The Elements Series, Part 1. Fire, the Sun & Its Replication in Reptile Keeping

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● Engelstalig boek
● Verken de wondere wereld van reptielen
● John Courteney-Smith zal je begeleiden bij de verzorging van exotische dieren
● ISBN 978-0-9576570-4-5

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Did you know that light is as much a part of amphibian nutrition as water?
Understand the importance of heating and how UV-B is converted to usable vitamin D3.
Discover how a lamp actually works and how to get the very best out of it.
See your own animals thrive in your care.

This easy-to-understand guide, the first in a brand new series will explain everything that you need to know to go on to further investigate and understand ‘overall nutrition’. while expanding on the ‘Theory of Wild Re-Creation™’

Topics covered include: how the sun provides us with energy; how lamps work, UV, infrared, light meters, LEDs, PAR, PUR, CRI, Kelvin, habitats, ‘Light & Shade’, MBD, basking and much more.

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