The Arcadia Guide To MBD And Its Elimination In Captivity

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● Engelstalig boek
● Actuele informatie over MBD ( ook wel rachitis genoemd ) wordt besproken in dit boek.
● ISBN 978-0-9576570-0-7

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Metabolic bone disease (MBD) is a killer of captive reptiles. These three letters strike fear into the heart of every reptile keeper and rightly so. MBD is a painful but avoidable condition that can effect captive reptiles and amphibians. In this full colour guide you will not only learn what MBD is and its causes but you will also find a clear and up to date solution that can be applied in the home.

This title covers MBD as a disease, diet, hydration and new technology. Written by the experts from Arcadia reptile the worlds number name in reptile science this is a practical and easy to understand guide to MBD and our ultimate goal of its total eradication in captive animals.

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