Arcadia Bio Activity and the Theory of Wild Recreation

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● Engelstalig boek
● Verken de wondere wereld van reptielen
● John Courteney-Smith zal je begeleiden bij de verzorging van exotische dieren
● 37 gedetailleerde hoofdstukken
● ISBN 978-0-9576570-3-8

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Explore the wonderful world of Reptile, Amphibian and Invertebrate keeping for the modern age. Reptile keeping expert John Courteney-Smith will guide you through the critical processes that allow for a more effective and all together more ethical form of exotic pet care.

By mimicking the wild environments of the animals that we keep we can be sure that we will be providing everything that they need to live a happy, healthy and reproductively positive life.

Learn about nutrition, plants, water, soil, hygiene, UVB, the correct provision of light for plant growth and much, much more.

Chapters cover; Bio-Activity, Live plant growth, Live plant species choice, Soil and soil nutrition, Animal nutrition, Solar Re-Creation, The light and shade method, PAR, Pro and Pre-Biotics, custodians, tools, New viv syndrome, the importance of darkness and much, much more over 37 detailed chapters.

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